Waterbeach Barracks Project to provide key worker homes for Papworth Hospital staff

Urban&Civic have submitted a planning application for the extensive refurbishment of two former barracks blocks at Waterbeach to provide accommodation for staff from Papworth Hospital. The move comes as part of the relocation from the hospital’s site in the village of Papworth Everard to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, south of Cambridge.

The move will see the refurbishment of buildings constructed in the 1990s, which have been out of use since the former Barracks and Airfield was closed in March 2013. The plans include the refurbishment of 2 blocks, providing 27 dwellings consisting of 235 bedrooms in total. The extensive refurbishment will be a mix of individual apartments, and en-suite rooms, with communal living, kitchen and study areas.

The plans will provide affordable key worker accommodation for Papworth staff including student doctors and nurses. The application includes an extensive travel plan to ensure that staff – who will largely be on set shifts – can easily get to and from work.

Claire Tripp, Deputy Chief Executive from Papworth said, “Papworth has long been at the forefront of cardiothoracic excellence and we are getting ready for our next chapter with the move to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. But it has always been our people – as much as our buildings – that make us who we are. We have been working with our staff to ensure they are supported during the relocation and this project represents part of our commitment to finding quality affordable accommodation for them.

“Urban&Civic’s plan to refurbish these buildings and provide a high quality, modern space in an attractive landscape setting for our staff, is an exciting opportunity. We are pleased to be involved at the start of the wider development of this site.”

Urban&Civic are the Development Managers appointed by the MOD to bring forward the development of the former barracks and airfield site. They recently held a 3-day public consultation event on the future plans to bring forward £2.5bn private sector investment in 6,500 homes, 3 primary and 1 secondary schools, over 260 acres of green space focussed around the site’s stunning 20 acre lake and extensive woodland, and a range of community and transport infrastructure investment.

Nigel Hugill, Chief Executive of Urban&Civic, added: “This project represents proper joined-up public sector thinking. It will be great to see these publically-owned buildings re-used to support such a major NHS investment as the relocation of Papworth, and provide affordable living options for key workers.

“From day one, we understood the need for this incredible brownfield site to deliver a range of affordable, but quality housing solutions to support the growth of Cambridge; protect local villages and improve the infrastructure across the north of Cambridge. We are actively working with partners to create those solutions, as well as creating a stunning place for people to live in exceptional surroundings. This is the first step to ensure we maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits of this unique place.”

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