Have your say: additional information for the Outline Planning Application

Since the submission of the Outline Planning Application for the redevelopment of Waterbeach Barracks and Airfield site in February 2017, Urban&Civic has been working through the comments received during the consultation and feeding them into the next stage of the planning process.

This has included detailed discussions with key stakeholders, partners and statutory authorities, including the County, District and Parish Councils, Environment Agency, National Trust, Wildlife Trust and the NHS.

In December 2017, South Cambridgeshire District Council summarised the key amendments and additional information it wanted Urban&Civic to address in response to questions that arose or other feedback (for example the transport work on the A10 Corridor). The team has been working through the key points raised, ensuring that updates happen across the range of Application documents. Some of the responses from the consultation will also be fed into later stages of the process, where more detailed comments will shape the detail coming forward in the first phase of development.

As a result of this work, Urban&Civic has produced a range of amended and additional information that has been submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council and will be the subject of a further public consultation over the next few weeks.

The key changes within the amended and additional information include:

  • extended green buffer to Denny Abbey to the north of the site, to protect its historic setting;
  • extended park at the southern edge of the site and immediately north of Denny End Road, to extend a more attractive and beneficial transition between the existing village and the new development;
  • safeguarding land for a special school within the application site, in case it is needed;
  • revised primary school locations, responding to detailed feedback;
  • reduction in heights in areas immediately adjoining existing residential properties;
  • retention of a larger area of woodland to the west of the lake; and
  • revised design principles to ensure future design codes for detailed phases are consistent in achieving a high-quality environment and design.

Further supporting information submitted includes:

  • revised Transport Assessment to take account of the A10 Corridor Study (published in January 2018) and to be clearer about the improvements to be made in the short, medium and longer term;
  • more detail on the proposed heights of development, including illustrative sections and plans;
  • updated ecological surveys;
  • additional data on potential odour impact from the existing Amey operation;
  • updated and bespoke flood modelling;
  • updated green infrastructure, including more information on habitats across the site;
  • additional health impact assessment, including how measures can be implemented;
  • a sports strategy setting out how high-quality indoor and outdoor sports provision can be delivered at the site.

Urban&Civic have produced a summary booklet that provides a Guide to the changes. This is available in our library at www.waterbeachbarracks.co.uk, and hard copies will be dropped through residents’ doors. Alongside this there will be three drop-in sessions on the site for local residents, in the Community Room at the front of the Barracks, to the left of the security gates, for those who want to talk through any of the details with the team:

  • Tuesday 29 May, 2-8pm
  • Friday 1 June, 2-8pm
  • Friday 8 June, 2-8pm

Alongside the changes and further information, Urban&Civic is continuing discussions about an extensive package of physical and social infrastructure that can be delivered through a legal agreement to be attached to a planning permission (Section 106 agreement). This will relate to the delivery of schools, on and off-site transport infrastructure and measures, parks and other green spaces, community centres, health centre and sports facilities.

Tim Leathes, Development Director for the project, said:

“We use every part of our discussions with local residents and partners, formal and informal, strategic or operational, to help inform how we best use this unique site to provide much needed new homes, brought forward in parallel with supporting community facilities and infrastructure. That way we can maximise the benefits development can bring to the local area and minimise the impacts.

“Our team has been working hard to understand and address local issues as we progress our Outline Planning Application for this important strategic site. A huge number of meetings and discussions, creative energy and testing has gone into developing the updated planning pack. We’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to attend consultation events and feed into the process. These discussions are key to ensuring the development delivers the shared aspirations for this publicly owned site, and to make this development a place for everyone to be proud of and enjoy. ”

Residents and businesses are being encouraged to comment on the revised proposals with the consultation lasting until Thursday 14 June.

Stephen Kelly, South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Joint Director of Planning and Economic Development, said:

“I’d encourage residents and businesses in Waterbeach to have their say on these amended proposals. It’s quick and easy to register your views on our website. Everyone’s comments are welcome and will be taken into account.”

The planning application covers part of the land that is proposed to be allocated as the site for a new town in South Cambridgeshire’s emerging Local Plan. Proposed modifications to this Local Plan were the subject of a public consultation earlier this year, and responses to that consultation are now being analysed by a Government Planning Inspector.

A Supplementary Planning Document, which will give more detail on how the new town should be planned and delivered, is being put together by South Cambridgeshire District Council officers following consultation with the local community.

Visit www.scambs.gov.uk/services/planning-applications and use the reference number S/0559/17/OL to view the revised plans and have your say.