Newsletter Autumn 2019

As the development of the Waterbeach Barracks and Airfield site moves forward from planning to delivery, Urban&Civic has issued its latest newsletter to share next steps with neighbours, stakeholders and local communities.

This edition includes an update on the next stage of planning, which will cover the first phase of delivery and include delivering the first 1600 homes, the first primary school and community infrastructure, including health space and library. It will also enable opening up of the lake, green spaces and over 25 play areas. Transport will include establishing the main entrance – for both Construction and future residential access – from the A10 at the Research Park roundabout to minimise impact on the village; delivery of the new Park and Ride and shuttle bus services; and cycle infrastructure from day one to connect to the Science Park, along the A10 and to local villages.

This edition of the newsletter also provides an update of early works on site, which include woodland management and landscape work to support the setting and habitats of the first phase, and the archaeological investigations that will take place before development starts.

There are also a few highlights about the activities, facilities and events that have happened on site recently, an update on the Waterbeach Military Heritage Museum and information from neighbours at Denny Abbey and the Farmland Museum and Wicken Fen.

Rebecca Britton, Communities lead for Urban&Civic said:

“As we progress from planning into delivery, these newsletters will become more important than ever in keeping people in the loop and able to engage with us. We have included a focus on sustainability following feedback from the last edition, and always welcome thoughts on what we should include and focus on. We hope you enjoy the read!”

If you have any feedback on this issue or have any ideas for future editions, please email rbritton@urbanandcivic.com or call 01223 622533.

You can download a copy of the latest newsletter here.