Our Vision is to grow a Cambridgeshire town at Waterbeach.

The barracks and airfield are a unique place, nestled in a beautiful and established landscape, and connected to a popular and dynamic village. For generations people have lived, worked and played here. It provides the setting for outdoor living underpinned with the virtues of a modern sustainable and well connected community.

Waterbeach is the best brownfield site in the country. Three miles from the Cambridge Science Park with some of the most dynamic employment in the world, the development of Waterbeach will meet a demonstrable shortage of accessible accommodation in the north of the city, both from an expanding workforce and local residents who have lived here for generations.

Crucially, this Application allows the MOD and Urban&Civic to play their role alongside local authorities, partners and communities in ensuring that the area North of the City gets the investment, infrastructure and opportunity for the quality sustainable development the area needs.

Our vision is to support the next evolution of the site, building on centuries of prior settlement in the area: growing along the Causeway route once trodden by medieval monks, linking the heart of the existing village to the re-energised barracks district through its unique waterfront and onwards towards Denny Abbey. This chain of places and activities gives a framework for a growing Cambridgeshire community, layered with history but distinctive and of our age; nurtured and cultivated as it grows and evolves.