Our Vision is to grow a Cambridgeshire town at Waterbeach.

The barracks and airfield are a unique place, nestled in a beautiful and established landscape, and connected to a popular and dynamic village. For generations people have lived, worked and played here. It provides the setting for outdoor living underpinned with the virtues of a modern sustainable and well connected community.

Waterbeach is the best brownfield site in the country. Three miles from the Cambridge Science Park with some of the most dynamic employment in the world, the development of Waterbeach will deliver much needed and high quality homes to the north of the city. Alongside new homes, the development will see investment in transport, renewable energy, green space, schools and healthcare to ensure an exemplar sustainable development. Layered with history, the next evolution of this place has been thoughtfully crafted to its landscape and culture, while creating a smart sustainable future for all.

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