A Growing Place

The site will support the continued growth of an extraordinary local economy. It will help bring about transformative investment in infrastructure, deliver new homes close to established clusters of technology innovation and employment and support the Science Park, Business Park, innovation centres and Cambridge Research Park. We will bring forward space and procurement opportunities for local businesses to benefit from the £1-2bn in direct and indirect investment which will benefit the local area over the roll-out of the development.

Urban&Civic has an established track record of delivering economic benefits at a strategic and local scale. At Alconbury Weald, we are running the largest Enterprise Zone in England and have delivered new employment space such as the award-winning Incubator. Our approach is based on establishing close partnerships with, for example, the Greater Cambridgeshire and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership, local authorities and local businesses. We are actively working with partners to see how the right homes and transport, community infrastructure and investment can create a northern fringe of Cambridge as dynamic as the Southern Fringe.

The Northern Fringe must reflect the intrinsic strengths, values and spirit north of the City, and connect people with places and jobs to provide long term managed growth which benefits all.

The proposals include up to 15,000 sqm of employment uses comprising offices, research and development and light industrial uses as part of the development. The application also includes other commercial uses including a hotel, retail uses and leisure/commercial activities. The scale of supporting uses is appropriate to support local enterprise, home working, meet local needs, reduce the need to travel and inject vibrancy into the community.

A range of proposals across the Application also support the economic growth of the development and wider area, including:

  • Substantial investment in new infrastructure and much needed homes, supporting the wider economy
  • Strong public transport connections to the Science Park, Business Park and Cambridge Research Park
  • Opportunities for a variety of jobs on site, including retail, commercial and community uses and space for small and medium sized businesses
  • Supporting home working and start- ups through well designed homes and flexible, supported business space
  • Supporting local businesses through procurement and contract opportunities, to maximise the benefit of our investment to local purses and infrastructure
  • Introduction of a jobs brokerage scheme to ensure local employment in construction and support military veterans into new careers.

Alongside this economic support, the application has also been designed to ensure capacity and infrastructure is planned for wider development of the strategic site, including:

  • Three points of road connection with interface boundary of Adjacent Land as shown on the Parameter Plan.
  • Two primary and reasonably direct routes from the two A10 access junctions to connect with the boundary with the Adjacent Land.
  • The location of the first secondary school in a central location, directly adjoining the interface boundary, as shown on the Parameter Plan, providing flexibility for expansion.
  • Through design codes for relevant phases of development, design up to the interface boundary and address the context (adjacent phases and across the interface boundary).
  • In circumstances where development on the Adjacent Land has not yet been subject to a design code, the relevant phases should design for an edge condition which is either public open space, public thoroughfare (highway or footpath) or a rear boundary feature (wall/fence).