A Happy Place

The site has areas of abundant beauty: the lake, the open green spaces and the wooded habitats. They lend themselves to a range of activities such as cycling, running, horse riding, rambling, and boating. We have a legacy of sports and community facilities which have been enjoyed by local people over the last few decades. We have re-opened existing facilities and want to develop new ones for new and existing residents.

Development at this scale can provide facilities, spaces and connections to support the creation of a sustainable community. Leisure and recreation underpins our vision of modern living in this location. The development will provide a whole spectrum of opportunities including:

Leisure, community and civic uses

The Parameter Plan and the Development Specification determine the broad location of essential community and civic uses, and sports and leisure facilities necessary to support a vibrant, healthy and sustainable community. The Spatial Principles support the clustering of key local services in a series of new centres, distributed to be readily accessible to all new residents and offering connections to neighbouring communities via key public transport, pedestrian and cycle links, eg:

  • Community facilities to meet local needs will be co-located with primary schools and include multi-purpose community centres.
  • The development will support access to existing facilities and recreation areas, including Denny Abbey, the proposed Rowing Lakes development and Milton Country Park
  • The area around the lake will be opened up, providing a range of opportunities from boardwalk dining to pond-dipping.
  • heritage trails will link up¬†the heritage assets of the site, encouraging enjoyment of the wider landscape and nearby attractions.
  • a range of sports facilities will be provided from outdoor pitches, to indoor sports and fitness centres.

Retail and other services

These will be located primarily in the defined primary and local centres with the following principles applied:

  • up to 16,500 sqm of retail uses in total distributed across the site
  • The majority of retail and services will be located within the principal centre
  • No more than 2,000 sqm in total will be located in any other centre.
  • Any other local retail outlet outside of a centre must be located within 400m of a bus stop or public transport interchange and not exceed 500 sqm in size.