A Historic Place

Waterbeach is a historic place with rich layers of heritage that span millennia making it a unique place to live, love and explore. The development will celebrate the historic uses and the legacy of generations within and around the site. It will bring forward building styles and settings which complement the local area. Areas of the site also provide an ideal location for modern design and striking architecture to support an integrated, enlarged and enriched community.

 We will build on the rich legacy of landscape, layout and buildings, celebrating the layers of history in a variety of ways, including:

The setting of Denny Abbey will be respected by:

  • Establishing a northern development edge beyond which the setting will be preserved through the open character of the grassland setting: no built development will occur with the area managed sensitively for drainage features and public open space.
  • Establishing a permeable tree belt as structural planting along the northern boundary of the Application Site to provide a softer transitional edge and reduce the visual impact of development
  • Retaining and enhancing the existing causeway alignment and Soldiers Hill within the setting area, and recreating the lost link of the Causeway to the village
  • Careful and sympathetic design of the northern development edge, to ensure a sensitive transition between built development and the setting area, through density, massing and landscaping.

The military history of the barracks and airfield will be respected and reflected through:

  • Retention of the grid street pattern of the barracks.
  • Retention of existing buildings where it is practical, economic and compatible with new development.
  • Establishing strategic open space responding to the alignment of the main south-west to north east runway.
  • Providing space for the Waterbeach Military Heritage Museum.

 The application provides for the opportunity to respect, link up and celebrate other aspects of the site and local area’s heritage including:

  • A green buffer along western boundary containing the route of the former Car Dyke.
  • A buffer to Soldier’s Hill to the north of the northern development edge.
  • retention of The 19th century wellhead north of the lake.

Alongside this, excavation and the recording of archaeological deposits found as part of future survey work, and the recording of the nature and usage of all military structures will be undertaken prior to demolition, remediation or construction works.