A Supported Place

 The scale of new development allows us to bring forward new facilities such as schools, child care, health services, a library and other community facilities. We have been working with local authorities and public sector partners to plan for the right facilities, in the right locations, to come forward at the right time.

Essential facilities will be delivered through a legal agreement with local authorities with delivery linked to the number of houses being built. This will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the right facilities are provided to meet growing need.

 Facilities will include:

  • Three Primary Schools incorporating pre-school provision on sites providing up to 3 hectares at each school site (up to 9 hectares in total), with adjoining land of up to 1 hectare at each primary school safeguarded for potential expansion (3 hectares in total). The first of these, along with early years provision, would be delivered alongside the occupation of the first homes.
  • Secondary School for up to eight forms of entry on a site area of no more than 8.5 hectares and adjoining land of up to 3 hectares safeguarded for potential expansion.
  • At least 7,000 and up to 9,000 sqm in total of community uses to include: multi-purpose community centres, health care, nurseries, library use, places of worship, museum and other community purposes.
  • Up to 7,000 sqm for health and fitness, gym and other cultural and recreational uses
  • Up to 4,000 sqm for hotel accommodation

 Principles established in the Application about these facilities include:

The majority of community and leisure facilities will be located within centres to include: civic uses, sport and leisure centres, gyms, multi-purpose community centres, health centre, other health uses, library, faith spaces, cultural attractions and nursery/crèche.

Care home and sheltered accommodation will be located within 400m of a bus stop or a defined centre.